Welcome As A Guest On The LTR!Podcast

As a host, I welcome you as a guest on the LET’S TALK RETOUCHING podcast!
Happy to see you here and hopefully we can talk in person very soon.

You have not heard of this podcast yet? Not a problem at all!

Have a quick listen to get a feel for how our podcast is run and make your decision schedule your session with us.

Here are some episodes for you to listen to!

First things First!

In order to guarantee a smooth session and to have fun while doing so we need to schedule some dates. Please, use our scheduling form on the right side to schedule a free spot in our calendar.

You will receive a confirmation email about the scheduling. Please, make sure to check your spam folder! The confirmation email will have a calendar entry attached for easy import into your preferred calendar application. A reminder email will be sent out one day before our recording session.

If you are unsure, have any questions or happen to need help setting up your microphone, please , let me know in advance! 

Before You can join the podcast recording, you will have to get familiar with the system we use to connect to guest. For connecting and recording we use a high bandwidth provider called Clean Feed. It is a web app, so there is no need to install any software. Please make sure to have Chrome Browser installed.

The user interface is pretty simple.

Boutique Retouching cleanfeed Guests

I will provide a link with your registration email but in case you cannot find it in time: Join Conversation via CleanFeed.

I want to give you some information how an interview usually goes. Our topic is always going to be retouching and post-production.

We tend to start with an easy introduction of yourself and give listeners the chance to explore your background, your interest and your motivation.

There are so many little things that can go wrong while doing a recording. We want to give you some tips in advance so you can get them out of your head and focus fully on what you want to say.

While we are doing our best to make you as sound as good and intelligable as we can, there are a few factors which will make our life easier in post:

  • Please, get into a quiet room and possibly close all the windows
  • Please, use a solid chair or try not to lounge around while recording. background sounds while talking will be hard to remove.
  • If your microphone is on a hard stand on your desk (not shock-mounted), please, do not touch your desk or mic stand while talking and be aware that those sounds will directly transfer into the microphone.
  • Get as close to the microphone as you still feel comfortable with
  • Stay close. changing distance too much will affect the recorded volume
  • If you need to use headphones with a cable mic, hold it in your hand in front of your mouth
  • If you happen to make a mistake, don’t worry! There is plenty of time to think about your answer, rephrase and we will take care of it in post.

The minimum required gear to join a podcast episode:

  • Always use headphones to listen to the conversation!
  • Microphone positioned close to your mouth:
    At least the mic on your headphones held in front of you during the recording. 
  • Consider using a lavalier microphone plugged either into your phone or laptop

Preferred Gear:

  • Microphone in a fixed position. Lavalier microphone or better a dynamic vocal microphone. 
  • Making a Connection via your browser is preferred over connecting via your phone
  • USB microphones work fine, an XLR connection into a dedicated audio interface will give you better results. 

I will provide a link with your registration email but in case you cannot find it in time: Join Conversation via CleanFeed.

Don't just leave!

we’d be happy to keep you updated what is going on in the retouching industry.