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Boutique Retouching how-our-eyes-work-signal-processing-color-management-header-1 Educational Central

How Our Eyes Work – A Simple Biology Study

Our eyes allow us to see color, shapes, recognize our friends and detect motion. In this article, we break down the complex topic of signal capture and processing.

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Boutique Retouching color-is-hard-header-image Educational Central

3 Reasons Why Color Corrections and Color Management Are Hard

Color corrections and color theory are very important parts of today’s photography. It can be quite a challenging and demanding task, but why? We will explore 3 Reasons why humans struggle with judging and correcting color related issues and what this means in terms of color management.

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Boutique Retouching youtube-banner-speed-retouching-janina-scheuer Educational Central

Neon Beauty – Timlapse Speed Retouching Video Tutorial

Join me in on my passion for beauty retouching. I am taking you on a retouching journey from start to finish with nothing censored or cut out.

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Boutique Retouching Girl_3_before_and-after Educational Central

Learn From A High End Retoucher – Retouching Critique For Martin Beck

Welcome to our first retouching critique. The intention of us doing these critiques is to help others grow as retouchers and to advance their skills. While giving feedback on a person by person basis is very time-consuming we will publish critiques for others to also benefit from the content. So …

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Boutique Retouching color-of-the-year-2018 Educational Central

Color Trends – Pantone Ultra Violet – Color Of The Year 2018!

2018 is knocking at the door and it comes with new trends. Stay on top of the current and upcoming color trends and boost your color knowledge to stay competitive!

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Boutique Retouching 21-trending-retouching-posts-on-social-media-header-without-text Educational Central

21 Trending Posts On Retouching | Trends In Retouching | What Works On Social Media

In today’s times of content creation madness, it is hard to cut through the sheer overwhelming amount of social media posts. We gathered some of the most interesting posts on retouching across the most important social media platforms…

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