The Post-Production Podcast

Retouching is our passion! We love talking about techniques, tools, gear, the business of retouching and to totally nerd out on it. As photographers go on meetups and conventions to talk about lights and cameras, we retouchers often have no opportunity to get together and to talk. For that reason, we would love to start discussions and invite other retouchers to talk about our interests, our business.

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LTR!004 – Our Fake Tutorial The Aftermath Of The Dodge&Burn 2.0

On April 1st we have released a tutorial about a technique we called Dodge&Burn 2.0. Unfortunately, it was all fake and our April fools prank. BUT there was much more to it than it seemed. We would not have gone through the process of creating marketing material, a trailer video and offering a video tutorial as a digital download on our website just to mess with people. we wanted to prove a point!
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