Personal Retouching Master Class

Sick and tired of browsing various internet sources or visiting countless workshops yet still not getting where you want?

We Hear You!

Master advanced retouching techniques to elevate your images to the highest level!

We now offer a personalized class, covering all you need to make the most out of a session for you.

Course Format
1:1 Course
Course Length
3-3.5 hours
Webcam, Microphone, Wacom Tablet, Stable internet connection
Photoshop (CC), RAW Processor (Adobe ACR / Capture 1 / Hasselblad Phocus), Updated Internet Browser, Team Viewer Remote App



What You Will Learn When Participating In The Personal Retouching Masterclass

Masterclass Topics – Overview:

  • Skin Cleanup Techniques
  • Fixing Common Issues In Fashion And Beauty Images
  • Advanced Dodging And Burning
  • Advanced Hair Retouching
  • Color Theory
  • Identifying Color Inconsistencies
  • Advanced Color Grading Techniques

Why you Should Take The Retouching Masterclass

  • Work with internationally renown educators
  • Face to face online class, as if your teacher was with you
  • Receive personalized education
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Acquire tools for further self-education
  • Eligible to receive feedback on progress up to two months past the session

This class has been designed to overcome the limitations of learning from video While a video tutorial generally is a one-way interaction, the retouching masterclass is taught in person giving us options to find and work on your weaknesses.

Every masterclass will be targeted to your specific needs; you will learn and improve the best and most effective techniques to fit into your existing workflow. We will also work on eye vision and color perception

The Retouching Masterclass Will Be The Only Class You’ll need!

With this bold statement in mind we approach every 1:1 session following the masterclass concept. It is our goal to not only teach you techniques but to commit to giving you a framework allowing you to further work on your techniques without much further guidance!


Retouching Techniques You Will Learn To Master

Skin Clean-Up

Learn all common retouching tools and techniques used to clean up and prepare your images for further retouching.

Healing and Cloning work are the first step to beautiful images!

Advanced Dodging And Burning

Learn about one of the most powerful techniques in retouching!

The retouching technique of selectively brightening and darkening areas in an image is called dodging and burning. Refining and mastering this technique gives you ultimate control over light, shadow and texture in your images.


Advanced Hair Retouching

Nobody likes bad-looking hair or to see that hair was retouched!

In the personal masterclass you will learn about the in and outs and what is done to retouch hair to the highest industry standards. 

Advanced Color Grading

Color can have a huge impact on your image.

You will learn to elevate your color-grading game through mastering color theory used on photographic images. 

How The 1:1 Class Works

1. Step - Course initiation

No single course we teach will be exactly the same. Every Retouching Masterclass will be targeted to your own needs! For this reason, you will be asked to submit your retouching work for us to analyze. Analyzing your images and work is the basis of creating your own course outline.

2. Step - Scheduling Your Retouching Masterclass

After purchase, you will be sent to a booking calendar to chose from any available dates available. You will be able to schedule the course to your liking, your mood, and your schedule. 

3. Step - Your Online Retouching Masterclass

We will be connecting via the TeamViewer app. Voice and Video will be handled with the Team Viewer app in presentation mode.
In preparation for the session, you will be sent a Meeting ID to connect to our session via email.

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