polloditu asked 8 months ago

Hello Daniel, I’ve talked to you before about working together but there was no opportunity at that time. I have revisited your site after a long time and discovered that you have very good training material. But I try to download and nothing happens, I add to cart and I try to checkout, takes me back. I’m selecting the free files, 15 Euros for the Premium ones is nothing to me. But I’m kinda low space for medium format right now. This is why I’m selecting the free ones. I’m originally an electronics engineer, but I have been retouching as a hobby for many years now. If you ever want to try me, my offer to work with you still stands. ( as long as compensation is appropriate to the amount of detail we put into our projects, of course ) I live in Miami and due to cost of life here, I couldn’t possibly work for a few cents like people from India and Pakistan.

Thank you for everything you do and share. I really enjoy the stories, the podcasts and well, like a year ago I fell victim of your Dodge and Burn 2.0 .. This is why I’m not visiting the site this entire April.


And whenever you get a minute, see if you can help me somehow. I need to build a portfolio with premium material. If you know any other sites that sell good raw files, please let me know. I will hire you for portfolio review when I’m done.

Have a great day.

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daniel Staff answered 7 months ago

First off, no reason to Not visit the Site this April. Haha 😜’
I have checked the ordering process and have seen many others downloading the free files as well as the premium files.
What sometimes happens is for your browser to deliver a cached status and for whatever redirects you to another page. If that should be happening you could try to delete your browser’s cache, history and clear the cookies for our website.
Should this issue for some reason persist, please submit a ticket via our support form.

Let me know should you have any more questions.

You have a great day too!

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