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Next Level High-End Retouching Services
Advcanced Retouching & Colorgrading

Professional Retouching Services

With years of experience, our professional retouching studio provides high-end results combined with a structured way of working. We adapt to your preferred way of working, always making sure we can deliver the right retouching results to fair prices. Our retouching services cover a range of fields, covering beauty retouching, makeup and hair retouching, but also look creation, color grading and full on post-production on advertising campaigns.

Here is a list of fields our retouching studio are actively working in. We offer advanced skin retouching, make-up and hair retouching, or professional color grading services. BOUTiQUE RETOUCHING is well versed in both fields, editorial or advertising campaigns. Our Retouching Portfolio demonstrates for us to work very high-end and with boutique clients. 

Skin Retouching

Skin Retouching is a constantly growing field. The growth in demand and quality has become significant over the past few years and with today’s ultra-high resolving cameras, handling skin with the utmost care to detail has become more important than ever.

MAkeup Retouching

Makeup and Skincare is aside from fashion one of the larges industries sold in woman’s advertising. We guarantee specialized treatment to all images that meet the industry standard and current trends in makeup. Our staff is constantly trained to improve skills and upgrade their education standards so we can offer the highest quality results.

Hair Retouching

Hair Retouching is is one of the most tricky subjects in retouching which separates the wheat from the chaff. Our agency provides the skill power to retouch hair commercials or editorials that hold up in high resolving prints and billboards.

Editorial Retouching

Working on sets of images to be published by big named magazines? We happily help you deliver results matching your vision and of cause suite your high quality needs. No set is the same and all images are adjusted and carefully retouched to make them go together seamlessly as a series to be published.


We work on corporate direct and in cooperation with advertising agencies. To us quality and customer satisfaction has the highest priority. Our knowledgeable staff provides highest quality output no matter the publication medium: whether your images go online or into print production, we can make changes according to your needs and help to determine file delivery standards for the best possible outcome.

Look Creation &
Color Grading

There are projects when classical retouching has taken a back seat and budget is better spent on creating a mood and guiding the viewer by clever choice and usage of color and contrast. We offer look development by project or targeted to a photographer’s needs to stand out from the mass and to give a unique polish to the commissioned images.

How Our Retouching Studio Works

If you wonder what level of detail goes into our professional retouching work and the dedication we have towards working on beautiful, high-end images, here is a time-lapse video of a high-end beauty retouch from start to finish.

This video features all steps and techniques involved in retouching natural-looking beauty portraits to the highest standard.

High-end retouching does involve a lot of manual work. More than most people expect. A high-end beauty retouch can take up to several ours to complete for the amount of dedication and care going into every single image.  Beauty retouching and fashion retouching requires additional skills and know-how, covering the application of makeup and what clothing designers want to see in images. This knowledge allows our retouching studio to ensure high-quality technical standards but also less revisions than common with lesser trained retouching agencies. 

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How To Commission Retouching Work

We get a lot of questions, whether we are able to take retouching clients, how much our retouching services cost, if we have a price list for retouching,…
As a professional retouching studio, we do not have a price list, nor will we provide a retouching price-list publicly.  Reason being, we work mostly corporate direct with photographers or ad agencies. Pricing our retouching services comes down to client request, where images are being published, the amount of similar images in a project, quality expectations, and many more.  In short, we price according to a brief on every project. 

Every retouching project is unique!

Therefore we would like to hear from you and talk about the details of your project. Our goal is to keep prices as fair as possible. In order to do so, contact us and send sample images , a brief or information about an upcoming shoot and what you expect from us.
You will receive an estimate for your approval before retouching work is about to start.

Should You Outsource your Retouching?

If you are doing your retouching by yourself and now consider outsourcing retouching work to our studio, be aware of the additional cost this process will take. Should you be looking just for a cheap replacement of what you are doing, we might not be the right partner for you. That said, if you have regular photography work coming in and are making more money shooting, outsourcing your retouching work will definitely be beneficial to your business!

A professional retouching studio can work with you together, establish a visual signature for you or work within the framework you have created for yourself over the past years. 

When should you be outsourcing to a professional retouching provider?

  • If you want to make more money shooting 
  • If you like working in a team
  • if your photo retouching skills are limited and you want to reach the next level for your business

Why You Should work With us

1. Award Winning Retouching Agency

Our retouching agency has been awarded with multiple awards. Daniel, our CEO has been awarded ‘retoucher of the year’ twice in a row by the National Photographer Association in the UK.

2. Certified Photoshop Experts

Working with high-end clients means to also work high-end!

Our retouching agency guaranties Photoshop best practices and the use of high end retouching techniques to ensure the highest level of retouching standards to this day in time. All employees undergo specialized training and are all officially certified as Adobe Photoshop experts!

3. Trust

Running a retouching agency in the current time means having a lot of clients all over the world without getting much face-to-face consultations with our clients. For that reason, success of very retouching project relies on perfect communication, sticking to deadlines and to deliver on all our promises. BOUTiQUE RETOUCHING is never going to let you down! 

Have A Passion For Retouching

Is high end retouching different? Any magical Photoshop tricks involved? This video shows step by step how beauty portraits are polished in high end retouching. There are no magic tricks, nor are people’s faces altered to make them look “beautiful”. High End Retouching is about cleaning up the face and flaws that could not have been taken care of during a shoot. The goal always should be to deliver realistic results that do not need to look retouched. High end retouching does not require airbrushing or painting over the skin. Professionals also do not use blur filter or filtering techniques in order to blend tones into each other. This image successfully shows what can be expected from a high end retoucher when dealing with images. It illustrates the enormous time investment and hard work put into one single image as well as the importance of quality source images in order to deliver stunning results.

About The Retouching Workflow

EWhen dealing with client images a good retoucher always needs to work efficient and also non-destructive in order to make changes on the fly when details were overseen or when clients demand changes. Therefore: Always keep your workflow simple! What is High End Retouching High end retouching describes an artful and very skilled approach on retouching images, with the utmost care to deliver the highest quality output files possible while not leaving any direct signs of manual change to the images.

Techniques Overview

– RAW processing (in this case CaptureOne)
– pixel retouching (cloning, healing, painting ,..)
– dodge and burn
– local color corrections (saturation and hue)
– working on a global color and contrast theme (color palette, color grading)
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Digital Photoshop Retouching

Digital retouching is usually done with the application Photoshop by Adobe.  Photoshop offers every tool possible to either digitally enhance or restore images.

High End Retouching Actions

Every retoucher needs a set of tools. Like a painter needs not just a canvas and a brush. Retouchers use the tools coming with photoshop but within that there are plenty of other tools, like scrips or retouching actions to help a retoucher accomplish the goals in an efficient and precise way.

High-End Retouching Techniques

Mastering retouching techniques are the foundation of beautiful images. Over the past decade, natural-looking images have become the standard in the beauty and fashion industries. These results are only made possible by choosing the right retouching techniques.

Premium Retouching

As a premium retouching provider our services do not only include retouching to the highest standard but only premium retouching services like color matching, consistency, backup services and more.

Retouching Course

Our goal is to create on full-featured retouching course to cater to advanced retouchers and to help them elevate their craft!

High Fashion Retouching

The fashion industry has its own rules. High Fashion Retouching is no different. For it to cross many fields like skin, product, clothing, compositing techniques it is considered one of the most advanced fields to work in.

What is High-End Retouching

We believe in you, your Quality of work and your high standards. BOUTiQUE RETOUCHING therefore provides high-end retouching services up to the highest level to meet your standards.

High End Retouching As A Service

Edgeworld Retouch provides custom retouching services. Each project and set of images is unique and is treated as such by us. Whether you commission beauty, skin, hair or fashion images, we provide you with the best rates according to your specific project that enables us to deliver the highest quality of work.

Award Winning Beauty Retoucher

In late 2015 Daniel Hager was awarded as best Beauty and Fashion retoucher by the internationally recognized Master Photographer Association in the UK. Being second place the year before states the continuous high quality output and ambitions that Edgeworld Retouch stands for: Being one of the best Beauty Retouching agencies world wide.
Find more on the MPA Awards at their Website: MPA Award Winners 2015

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