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The Post-Production Podcast

Retouching is our passion! We love talking about techniques, tools, gear, the business of retouching and to totally nerd out on it. As photographers go on meetups and conventions to talk about lights and cameras, we retouchers often have no opportunity to get together and to talk. For that reason, we would love to start discussions and invite other retouchers to talk about our interests, our business.

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Jan Wischermann Retouching

Jan has been working as a freelance retoucher for many years and now has jumped into merging his business into a retouching agency. In this episode we talk about his start in retouching and how he made it into the world of commercial post-production.

LTR!019 – Virginia Y & TFPP

We are kicking off the New Year with an interesting interview with Verginiya Yancheva who is also the host of the Fashion Photography Podcast. Hearing about Verginiya and how she got started with photography and retouching was an amazing story to follow!


Stefan Kohler talks with us about his creative life and how he founded the company RawExchange, helping thousands of people making composite artwork, producing custom stock packages and how to keep inventing oneself over and over again!

LTR!015 – Who Is Glyn Dewis Photographer?

Today's guest, Glyn Dewis is a renowned educator and teaches both, Photoshop and Photography. Not only has he released tons of tutorials to be seen on YouTube but also has written three books. One of which made it to the best selling list! We talk with Glyn about his start in Photography and retouching and try to casually drag out information you're not going to get anywhere else.

Workflow Magician Brock McFadzean

Brock McFadzean is a visual communicator who currently resides in Sydney, Australia. He was fortunate to have met an Adobe Evangelist early on in his career and shares his knowledge on Photoshop and workflows in today's episode of the LET'S TALK RETOUCHING podcast.

LTR!010 – Making It In NYC With Erika Barker

Listen to part 2 of Our interview with Erika Meet Our Guest Erika Barker My unique photojournalism style is now incorporated into my studio, commercial, and fashion photography shoots. I never capture a posed reaction; I always capture something natural, and wonderful. I find true beauty comes in short burst, and it is my job … LTR!010 – Making It In NYC With Erika Barker Read More »

LTR!007 – Creative Retouching With Dracorubio

Roderique, who also goes by the artist's name of DRACORUBIO is an special effects artist who ventured into creating characters and even worlds beyond most of our imagination. By mixing images with 3D, spcial effects knowledge and refined compositing techniques he creates his very own stories. Today we take you on a ride into his mind: what motivates him and what makes these creations possible.