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State of Retouching Education

Today, Gerry Kingsley and I discuss the current state of retouching education. We might rant about how unsatisfied we are with the online education industry but at the same time, we are giving out helpful tips on how to compare educational products and choose the right one for your needs.
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After years of working in a stressful IT environment and combating mental illness, Daniel finally found fulfillment in the creative field. By using the process of retouching as therapy and drawing from his technical background Daniel grew to become an award-winning, internationally published retoucher, and Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert in less than two years. His retouching agency, BOUTiQUE RETOUCHING, offers both professional retouching services for high-end clients as well as professional education in an effort to help others reach the same results that Daniel takes pride in. Daniel will happily answer any of your questions!

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