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We have gathered a collection of free-to-use RAW files for you to practice retouching and to start building your portfolio!!!

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This is our selection of free raw files. Every package comes with a bunch of high-quality raw files for retouchers to practice their retouching techniques.

Each set comes with its own qualities and challenges!

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Premium Raw files shot with a Hasselblad medium format camera

License Agreement

We provide you with an up-to-date resource for you to legally download premium RAW files. All in an effort to help you build your professional  retouching portfolio; or simply to give you material to practice your retouching skills.

Please read our guidelines below on usage agreements before you download the images and start working on them.

The photographers granted our readers permission to practice with the images and display both their retouched versions and the originals on their websites and social media. Credit guidelines are mentioned below with every Package!

Every image is free to use; however, please always credit like mentioned in the download packages. Most photographers want you to credit them in exchange for providing you with free raw files to work on. So please, always credit where credit is due!
Always credit boutiqueretouching.com as the provider of the free raw files!

Retouching Practice Files

Are These Raw Files Really Free To Use?

Yes, the free raw files we provide are for you to practice retouching and give you the chance to work on some real images. Ideally, you can use them to start building your retouching portfolio and prove to others what you are capable of.

What Are Raw Images?

Raw images are uncompressed files offering the highest possible image data and quality.

Why Free Raw Files?

In your best interest, you want always to start retouching with a raw file to end up with the best outcome possible.

Why Should You Get Our Raw Files?

BOUiQUE RETOUCHING is a premium provider in the field of beauty retouching, and as such we have not only worked for the most prominent brands but also have taught many retouchers. Downloading our raw files is the first step on your way to becoming a professional beauty retoucher!

We also offer highly targeted education for retouchers who want to up their game!

What Is The Premium Resource For Getting The Best Raw Files In The Retouching Industry?

We at BOUTiQUE RETOUCHING work hard on providing you with reasonable and current raw files to practice with. We believe we are the best and most honest resource on retouching education out there. For that reason, we want to help improve beginner retouchers and advanced beginners alike to find good material to practice techniques and better their retouching skills.

Raw Image Formats

Our Free RAW files are images from commonly used 35mm full-frame cameras. These are what most retouchers work with during commercial jobs.

We also offer Premium RAW Files, all shot on medium format cameras, the highest quality standard to work with.

Always credit boutiqueretouching.com as the provider of the free raw files!

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Raw files are unprocessed images that reflect the image data coming from your camera sensor. Camera Raw Images cannot be directly printed or processed by regular, bitmap based processing or image editing software. A special raw processor is neccesary to interpret and process the image data.
With the use of proper software the files can be processed for further manipulation or printing into a tiff or jpeg file.
Raw files are also often referred to as digital negative files.
While most common raw files are mainly based on the tiff format standard, they can be differences in the file syntax: Different image headers, image tags, file encryption and so on.
DNG is Adobe’s Digital Negative format which is not camera native and their standard is described as an extended tiff 6.0 format including several open image standards such es exif, xmp, iptc, icc profiles and more


The provided Raw files can be used for your personal retouching projects. Commercial use is not allowed! We know how hard it can be to find appropriate images and therefore we decided to provide free images for practicing purposes. You should not use bad images that need much fixing to practice. You can use our premium raw files in order to grow and to start building your retouching portfolio.
Please look at the provided description about how to properly use and credit the different sets of images. Every photographer may grant you different rights or demands credits to be used in a different way.
Please note that you get permission to use to represent your business but own no copyrights to the images, which belong to the images’ creators. Please do not give the images away and instead recommend them by sending people to this page. We would appreciate you giving back as we put the work in to provide you with useful material to grow and to earn money.


You really want to start with good quality source files. A bad image will always need a lot of fixing and you will never be able to make it a freat image. Wheras when starting with a good quality file and from an properly processed raw image, you can acheive pretty much everything.
Retouching is foremost about fixing things that could not be taken care of while shooting. Therefore fixing sometimes is necessary but you need to practice with the best files you can get to develop your skills, you eye to hand coordination and you visuals. Developing a taste on how things can look there best is also an important skill you have to learn, which you will not by trying to fix mediocre images. Therefore use our source and download the images provided for free.


A retouching portfolio has one purpose: To represent YOU and your work in the best way possible!
If you do not have access to quality images you surely have tried google search or stock libraries. But I can ensure you they will never provide quality shots by professionals within the beauty industry. They are not unique nor have the potential to be published. And if they are, you might have to spend an unproportional amount of money in order to practice or to build your portfolio.
Freelance work does not come by its own. you have to show off your skills and make a good first impression on possible potential clients. So, if you lack the appropriate images, you should take advantage of downloading the files we provide totally free for you to use in your retouching portfolio.


as already stated, you will need a piece of software that provides you with the capability of reading the different camera raw formates and to process them.
There are Different companies providing such software such as Adobe, Phase one, Hasselblad and different software companies. Most of them are going to cost money. You can try using free software to process your raw files but I recommend sticking to the known software which has its place in the industry for a reason.
You might have to import your images first in order to process them correctly. After being processed the raw files need to be exported into a comon known format depending of further use.
As you intend to retouch your images, you will need to export them as psd files or as tiff files. Those formats are commonly used for retouching and can be open within your image editing software of choice. We recommend using Photoshop for your retouching work.


Raw files provide more image data as jpeg files. They are unprocessed, are used in a much larger color space and therefore give you more options to shift, change and control saturation of colors. They also give you the opportunity to use icc and dng based camera profiles to correct your image data when shot with different lenses and bodies to make them look the same (color-wise).
In general, raw files contain more data, more bit depth and can be compressed as to show more detail in shadows and highlights than a captured jpeg format can.
Shooting raw is associated with being a professional. Within the retouching industry it is basically the same. You want to start with good images, when it comes to the file format. This is as important as the image content, model, lighting, posing, composition,…


Practicing your retouching can start as you decide to put in the effort and to sit down for many hours to get better. Quality raw files can help you to develop your skills.
With bad images you might spend so many hours fixing things that are not important and not only that, you are forced to work differently because your attention goes to all the captured flaws. Your focus will absolutely shift as you start working on more quality raw files. It allows you to focus on the details that make the image stand out and unique.
In case you need help with your retouching, feel free to contact us as we do portfolio reviews as well as customized coaching that are to be specifically designed to help you at the stage you are at to make further progress and to grow as a retoucher.


We have talked about this over and over. When learning about retouching, it is very important to have some guidance and not to get trapped in the phase, trying to fix bad photography. It is important for you to experience the difference between good and bad images and what is the difference between them. This will, over time, influence your understanding of how you see a digital file and pre-estimate waht you can get out of it without lacking quality. When learning, quality should be your highest priority. Speed and shortcuts may come to a later point in time.
Thus, you should start practicing with quality raw files. We also recommend buying our premium raw files.
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