Premium RAW Files For Retouching Practice And Portfolio Building – Pack 1

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Package Size: 34 Images
Qualitiy: Premium Quality | Medium Format 
Image Resolution: 39 MP | High Resolution
File Format: Hasselblad *.fff
Download Size: 170 GB

Download Size

1,70 GB


Medium Format


39 MP

1 review for Premium RAW Files For Retouching Practice And Portfolio Building – Pack 1

  1. José Vicente García Castro (verified owner)

    I could not decompress the files, the message “corrupt files” always comes out.

    • Daniel

      Hi, we have verified the file multiple times, created a re-upload for you on another file server, re-stocked your download permissions, informed you via email and via the store and have not heard back from you ever since. Both download destinations have been tested and verified via md5 checksum and there was no issue present in our tests. Unfortunately, there is only so much we can do on our side and if a customer does not react to our emails, we can do even less to ensure customer satisfaction.

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