LTR! Podcast Episode #15

Who Is Glyn Dewis Photographer?

Today's guest, Glyn Dewis is a renowned educator and teaches both, Photoshop and Photography. Not only has he released tons of tutorials to be seen on YouTube but also has written three books. One of which made it to the best selling list! We talk with Glyn about his start in Photography and retouching and try to casually drag out information you're not going to get anywhere else.

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In this Podcast:
Glyn Dewis

Hi I’m Glyn Dewis,
I’m a Photographer, Educator, Westcott Top Pro and proud to say, a Best Selling Author. I guess I initially became known in the Industry because of my Retouching / Post Production which led me to work with clients such as the BBC, SKY TV and the Fox Network but after my first book, The Photoshop Workbook was published in January 2015 having made it a focus (no pun intended) I’m recognised for my Portrait Photography body of work.

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Key Topics In Our Interview With Glyn Dewis

  • Retouching has always been a thing. Even in the analog times
  • How much to retouch in portraits? When is too much too much?
  • What can education do for you? Workshops, Turorials, 1:1 classes, …
  • Mentoring and how to deal with critique
  • Small differences can take things to the next level
  •  How far has technology come over the past 10-20 years
  • How red-Eye removal started a long lasting passion with Photoshop
  • Goign to Events – Networking
  • Finding Motivation
  • Keep on learning, keep on practicing,
  • W ill we eventually be replaced by AI?
  • Client communication for retouching


Boutique Retouching Edge´world-retouch-online-retouching-master-class-1-768x576 LTR!015 - Who Is Glyn Dewis Photographer?

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Along with this episode we announce Scheduling for the RETOUCHING MASTERCLASS!

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