Personal Retouching Master Class


Sick and tired of browsing various internet sources or visiting countless workshops yet still not getting where you want?
We Hear You!
We now offer a personalized class, covering all you need to make the most out of a session for you.

Close Date for Bookings:
October 20th
, 2018!


Online Class


3-3.5 Hours

Hardware Requirements

Webcam, Microphone, And Wacom Tablet Recommended


Photoshop, Browser, Skype For Business Browser Plugin

Out of stock

What Is Waiting For You In Your Personal Retouching Master Class

The first step, before the masterclass can even begin is you telling us who you are and what you want to have accomplished after the class. You will also be requested to send in some PSD files for us to review. Analyzing your workflow will help to find out your strengths and weaknesses and is the foundation of creating a personalized and efficient class for you.

Your Class will then be set up for you to get the most out of the session.

After purchase, you will also be sent to a booking calendar. It will allow you to check trainer availability and to schedule your class to a time that suits you!

Every masterclass will be targeted to your specific needs; you will learn and improve the best and most effective techniques to fit into your existing workflow. We will also work on eye vision and color perception

More Benefits Of A Personal Retouching Masterclass

  • Work with internationally renown educators
  • Face to face online class, as if your teacher was with you
  • Receive personalized education
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Acquire tools for further self-education
  • Eligible to receive feedback on progress up to two months past the session

One Good Class Is All You Might Ever Need

Choosing The Right Teacher Is Crucial!

If you are sick and tired of browsing various internet sources, visiting countless workshops just to find still yourself stuck at the level you are at now for just too long?

We Hear You!

It is a common issue in today’s educational systems and formats. Therefore we decided to offer a personal class to cover what you want and/or need to hear.

In other words, we will be teaching you not just “the way we do things” but what is efficient for you to make progress!

After Class Support

We offer to record the session and have the file delivered to you. Plus, you will have the chance for us to follow up with your progress.


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