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Episode #008
LTR!008 – How To Find Retouching Clients And How Not To!
Brought To You By Boutique Retouching
My inbox is full of emails I will never open. In today's world, you have to make some effort in order to create some business opportunities for yourself. We talk about the dos and donts.
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After years of working in a stressful IT environment and combating mental illness, Daniel finally found fulfillment in the creative field. By using the process of retouching as therapy and drawing from his technical background Daniel grew to become an award-winning, internationally published retoucher, and Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert in less than two years. His retouching agency, BOUTiQUE RETOUCHING, offers both professional retouching services for high-end clients as well as professional education in an effort to help others reach the same results that Daniel takes pride in. Daniel will happily answer any of your questions!

Our Topics In Episode:  

  • My inbox is full of crap!
  • Why you might drive clients away
  • How I often get approached
  • How not to approach new potential clients
  • Questions to ask before you approach someone
  • Before you reach out to higher-end clients
  • Outreach strategies

My inbox is full of crap!

we will go over a few topics how you should and should not reach out to possible clients,

We all need work! First contact and your approach to a possible client are crucial steps for establishing a long-term work-relationship. You wanna get more work, you wanna get better jobs and more leads turning into customers?

Here are a few reasons why you might get new clients or how you might drive them away

How I get approached:

  • Post-production studios mostly eastern offering cutouts, clipping path, and high-end retouching for USD $5
  • people asking me to hire them
  • business dev people who want to posh cheap services
  • headhunters looking for high-end retouchers for in-house work – mostly catalog work
  • photographers asking for a price list

Wrong approach!

Issues I found with people trying to reach out to create business opportunities:

  • Reaching out to the wrong contact (no target group analysis, no contact research)
  • They do not value the contact’s time!
  • Cold Calling or Cold Emailing
  • Email Automatization
  • Nothing to offer but asking for business
  • misjudgment in terms of their own abilities

Questions you should ask yourself before approaching someone

  • Am I addressing the right person to pitch to?
  • Can I offer something of value?
  • What is expected of me?
  • Can I meet quality and time expectations?


Before Approaching Higher End Clients

  • practice and build a portfolio first
  • Consider applying for an in-house job for experience
  • get some experience by offering low priced services via freelance websites (pressure is on)
  • Built your online presence: portfolio website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. Be present and active.
  • Reach out to possible clients and offer to work for free. This can build trust. Must have something to show for first!

How To Reach out

Places where you can find possible clients:

  • trade shows
  • social media
  • local photographer meetups
  • magazines
  • google

LTR!008 – How To Find Retouching Clients And How Not To!

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