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Stefan Kohler talks with us about his creative life and how he founded the company RawExchange, helping thousands of people making composite artwork, producing custom stock packages and how to keep inventing oneself over and over again!
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Stefan is the founder/inventor of RAW Exchange. The company has started as a small project targeted on the German language market but with its success has quickly grown to an internationally run business with multiple employees working from various places all over the world. RAW Exchange was founded on the idea to deliver high-quality stock images for composites and other Photoshop based used cases. With it came the idea of creating educational content and tutorials around using these files and to learn to retouch.

Key Topics

  • Do you shoot raw?
  • What is RAW EXCHANGE?
  • Challenges of creating Custom Stock Packages
  • Retouching and compositing
  • Building and feeding a community
  • The magic of discovering beauty retouching
  • The magical retouching button
  • Retouching > Meditation
  • Dodge&Burn Love
  • Working from home
  • managing to work long hours while being a dad & husband
  • How important is color management?
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The Birth Of RawExchange

We have been talking with Stefan how he started with photography and how RawExchange came to be. Things took off when he decided to go crazy and to put a camera right into the fire. It was just afterward when he decided to make the images available for others to use.

What Gear And Software Stephan Uses for Retouching


Hardware Stefan Uses


Boutique Retouching 22555338_1486628541416295_2514847658566176485_o-1024x593 LTR!017 - MR RAW EXCHANGE
RAW Exchange Production Space

Stefans Pro Tip:

If you are learning retouching, always ask the question WHY!

Tips | Tricks | News | Tutorials | Reviews

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After years of working in a stressful IT environment and combating mental illness, Daniel finally found fulfillment in the creative field. By using the process of retouching as therapy and drawing from his technical background Daniel grew to become an award-winning, internationally published retoucher, and Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert in less than two years. His retouching agency, BOUTiQUE RETOUCHING, offers both professional retouching services for high-end clients as well as professional education in an effort to help others reach the same results that Daniel takes pride in. Daniel will happily answer any of your questions!

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