LTR! Podcast Episode #19

Virginia Y & Tthe Fashion Photography Podcast

We are kicking off the New Year with an interesting interview with Verginiya Yancheva who is also the host of the Fashion Photography Podcast. Hearing about Verginiya and how she got started with photography and retouching was an amazing story to follow!

<span style="font-size:1rem;font-weight:200">In this Podcast:</span> <br>Virginia Y.

In this Podcast:
Virginia Y.

My name is Virginiya Y. and I’m an internationally published advertising and fashion photographer based in Europe.

My photography is showing my client’s work in the best possible light. Literally… =)
I invite you to a photo shoot with me and see it for yourself.

The best thing about my clients’ list is that it’s constantly growing, which for me is the best sign that when you do something with all your heart it always gets noticed.

My passion to develop my photography knowledge and share my experience led me to the opportunity to educate others on different workshops and seminars and also this is how the idea for The Fashion Photography Podcast became reality.

Through the years I’ve learned there are just a few things you have to do in order to call yourself a happy person. You have to love what you do, you have to give your best, you have to show the others you value their opinion and also – you have to constantly learn and improve yourself.
I know it because I’m definitely a happy person! Just like the people I work with!

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Interview Topics Discussed With Vergenia V

  • Soul Seeking
  • Difficult Life Decisions
  • Studying Photography and Retouching
  • Working In Advertising Agencies
  • Working With Magazines
  • Working and studying at the Same time
  • Importance Of Assisting
  • Retouching Analog vs Digital
  • What Retouching Is About
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