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Boutique Retouching MensHealth_UK_Samuel_L_Jackson_Olaf_Blecker_Photography_Jan_Wischermann_Retouching_Website_Header_03 Blog

Jan Wischermann Retouching

Jan has been working as a freelance retoucher for many years and now has jumped into merging his business into a retouching agency. In this episode we talk about his start in retouching and how he made it into the world of commercial post-production.

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Boutique Retouching browser-color-management-header Blog
Hands On

Complete Guide To Browser Color Management – Color Management Issues Explained

Color management can be a mystery to some. When things just go slightly wrong with color, it can drive people crazy and into sheer frustration. But it does not have to be. We de-mystify how things work in browsers and what steps you can take to make sure your images display properly.

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Boutique Retouching web-_MG_7464 Blog

Virginia Y. – Part II

LET’S TALK RETOUCHING Podcast with our Guest Virginia Y. We are talking about retouching, work-life balance and her best tips for creatives who are eager to get into this industry.

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Boutique Retouching CCP-Capture-One-Landing-Page-1200x628-Final Blog
Hands On

Camera Calibration Profiles For Capture One – Public Beta | Camera Profiles | Capture One Profiles

If you are into photography and post-production, you most likely know about the ability to create camera profiles and use custom color corrections to calibrate your camera’s color output to a standard. Camera Calibration Profiles For Capture One Users.

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Boutique Retouching PRIMARY-PantoneCOY2019_coral_bluegreen_SWATCH Blog

Color Harmonies And Color Of The Year 2019 – Living Coral

What is the color of the year 2019? Every year Pantone presents you with their choice for the color of the year. We show you how to make use of it!

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Boutique Retouching LTR-verginia-yt-image Blog

LTR!019 – Virginia Y & TFPP

We are kicking off the New Year with an interesting interview with Verginiya Yancheva who is also the host of the Fashion Photography Podcast. Hearing about Verginiya and how she got started with photography and retouching was an amazing story to follow!

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Boutique Retouching cropped-Annelie-sport-fashion-portrait-retouching-2 Blog

LTR!018 – What happened to Edgeworld Retouch?

It’s been a while since the last update. Here is why and what has happened behind the curtains!

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