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Skin Retouching is a constantly growing field. The growth in demand and quality has become significant over the past few years and with today’s ultra-high resolving cameras, handling skin with the utmost care to detail has become more important than ever.

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Hair Retouching

Hair Retouching is is one of the most tricky subjects in retouching which separates the wheat from the chaff. Our gency provides the skill power to retouch hair commercials or editorials that hold up in high resolving prints and billboards.

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MakeuP Retouching

Makeup and Skincare is aside from fashion one of the larges industries sold in woman’s advertising. We guarantee specialized treatment to all images that meet the industry standard and current trends in makeup. Our staff is constantly trained to improve skills and upgrade their education standards so we can offer the highest quality results.

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Editorial Retouching

Working on sets of images to be published by big named magazines? We happily help you deliver results matching your vision and of cause suite your high quality needs. No set is the same and all images are adjusted and carefully retouched to make them go together seamlessly as a series to be published.

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Advertising Post-production

We work on corporate direct and in cooperation with advertising agencies. To us quality and customer satisfaction has the highest priority. Our knowledgable staff provides highest quality output no matter the publication medium: whether your images go online or into print production, we can make changes according to your needs and help to determine file delivery standards for the best possible outcome.

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Look Creation / Grading

There are projects when classical retouching has taken a back seat and budget is better spent on creating a mood and guiding the viewer by clever choice and usage of color and contrast. We offer look development by project or targeted to a photographer’s needs to stand out from the mass and to give a unique polish to the commissioned images.


Every project is unique!

We price according to your project and brief. Therefore we would like to hear from you and talk about the details. Our goal is to keep prices as fair as possible. In order to do so, contact us and send sample images (feel free to attach images or raw files in the contact form), a brief or information about an upcoming shoot and what you expect from us.

You will receive an estimate for your approval before retouching work is about to start.

To ensure customer satisfaction and everyone is on the same track, we will always send in progress work or one retouched image of a set to have it approved or revised for correction. This workflow ensures high quality results to your liking, less revision rounds and in the end saves money and time.

Please, feel free to send us preview files via the contact form. In Addition to that you can schedule a meeting with us to discuss your project if you prefer talking via sending email. Use the appointment calendar to check available spots and reserve a date and time to your liking. We are happy to talk with you!

Edgeworld Retouch provides custom retouching services. Each project and set of images is unique and is treated as such by us. Whether you commission beauty, skin, hair or fashion images, we provide you with the best rates according to your specific project that enables us to deliver the highest quality of work.

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