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Boutique Retouching dodge-and-burn-2.0-1 Blog / Learn

LTR!004 – Our Fake Tutorial The Aftermath Of The Dodge&Burn 2.0

On April 1st we have released a tutorial about a technique we called Dodge&Burn 2.0. Unfortunately, it was all fake and our April fools prank. BUT there was much more to it than it seemed. We would not have gone through the process of creating marketing material, a trailer video and offering a video tutorial as a digital download on our website just to mess with people. we wanted to prove a point!

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Boutique Retouching thumbnail.-lets-talk-retouching-3-1 Blog / Learn

LTR!003 – Retouching Education | Setting Business Goals & Invest Into Your Retouching Business

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Boutique Retouching thumbnail.-lets-talk-retouching-2-1 Blog / Learn

LTR!002 – Finding Your Style | Branding | Business Models

Let’s Talk retouching! Today we are going to continue our conversation with portrait and advertising photographer Gerry Kingsley. Today it will be all about specializing, branding and client expectations. So, join our conversation!

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Boutique Retouching thumbnail.-lets-talk-retouching-1-1 Blog / Learn

LTR!001 – Do We Need A Style? Fuel Your Passion and Master Client Communication!

In our first episode of LET’S TALK RETOUCHING, we got together with commercial portrait photographer Gerry Kingsley and tried to shed some light on the photography and retouching industry. Follow along with our conversation to know more

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Boutique Retouching top-5-new-features-adobe-photoshop-cc-2018 Blog / Learn

TOP 5 Photoshop CC 2018 New Features

The latest Photoshop update to CC 2018 is around now for a while. We have analyzed its new features and will share which ones we think are the most useful of all the new Photoshop CC 2018 features.

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Boutique Retouching linus_cropping-and-composition-1 Blog / Learn

Crop and Composition – Is Symmetry Always The Way To Go?

Rules are rules, they can be followed, broken or just bend. How do we deal with the rule of symmetry being attractive? Dos symmetry reign supreme in beauty photography?

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