Dodge & Burn 2.0
Video Course [FAKE]

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Fresh New technique! First time open to the public
Efficient Up to 40% more efficient compared to old methods
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Dodge & Burn 2.0
Video Course [FAKE]


Everything You Know About Retouching Is About To Change!!!

Get ready to learn a new way of dodging and burning:

Dodge&Burn 2.0 is now available to the public and it will revolutionize the way you work on images.

New And Unique Process

This new process has been created by Daniel Hager, founder of EDGEWORLD RETOUCH to offer another option over frequency separation.
This technique is beating FS1.0 and even FS2.0 in every aspect.
You will achieve faster results and to a higher quality standard compared to every other technique on the market!

Most Powerful Retouching Technique!

Dodging and burning is known to be the most powerful technique among professional retouchers.

In the old way of doing dodging and burning you had to sit down for hours and hours in order to get clean results.
While other techniques like frequency separation are not an option among professional beauty retouchers, you had to put in the time. Not only when applying the technique but also for practicing before you could use this technique properly.

10 Years Of Experience bundled together in One Technique!

Over the past few years, I have been constructing new workflows and techniques for people to take shortcuts while learning and to save time when working on images.

I have incorporated steps into the process that are not publicly known up until now and I want to help you become up to 40% more efficient when doing dodging and burning.

This Will Change Your Retouching Forever!

Learning the Dodge & Burn 2.0 Technique is much easier to learn and you will achieve high-quality results than with traditional methods.

Implementing the Dodge & Burn 2.0 Technique will make your life so easy that you never will want to look back on the old ways of doing it. Once you know of this technique you will be able to compete with the best in the industry, knowing you can work much faster and more efficient than most professional retouchers who are stuck in the old ways of retouching images.

Giving Back To The Retouching Community

I really wish for the technique I am presenting to have a positive, long-term effect on the photography and retouching community. Eventually, we can do a lot more with our images in less time when we are taught to use the right tools.



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6 reviews for Dodge & Burn 2.0
Video Course [FAKE]

  1. Areen Shah (verified owner)

    It’s greating but not easy to understand as the layer sets of help are not explained in the tut.

    • Daniel

      Hi, thx for taking the time and leave some feedback.
      We are aware of your disappointment. However, please, see this for what it is. It was done as an April fools prank.
      It was supposed to make people aware of the online tutorial culture and marketing tactics, too.

      I hope, you will give us another chance whenever we will release a real tutorial <3

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is a really interesting approach and well presented, but I think that some people will find it hard to follow all of the steps.

  3. Didac Gomez (verified owner)

  4. سالم (verified owner)

  5. Fransiclei Junion (verified owner)

  6. Andrew Phan (verified owner)

    this was fake, not like this

    • Daniel Hager

      We are happy to hear, you have the same sense of humor as we do. Thx for your support! =)

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