RAVEN Dark Art
Color Grading Pack

This Pack includes:

5 Signature color presets
Easy to use
Fast loading LUT files
One adjustment layer needed
Works with your favorite editing software

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What You Get With This Color Grading Pack

In this pack, you will get 5 LUT files which will help you mimic a very popular and distinct color look. For the color theme to be very popular among compositing artists and dark art lovers we decided to call them THE ROBYN SIGNATURE LOOK PRESETS. These presets will allow you to manipulate color and contrast of your images in seconds and with ease. You will need little time to apply them to your images and they can be helpful to beginners as well as advanced Photoshop users.

  • Look 1 – Dusk Covert
  • Look 2 – Emerald Blue
  • Look 3 – Judygate
  • Look 4 – Mount Crone
  • Look 5 – Peasanlands

Boutique Retouching ewr-rr-color-look-sample-header-2 RAVEN Dark Art <br>3D LUT <br>Color Grading Pack

What Makes This Color Grading Pack Special?

We have put our color grading experience gathered in high end retouching to some use. Part of the work we do for clients is matching looks. Usually, these tasks come with a price and can take time to perfect. For those who desire to achieve quick results, we came up with a solution to color grade their images in very few simple steps. This pack is mimicking what we call “RAVEN DARK ART Look”. Perfect for achieving the popular, moody fantasy look many of you photoshop artists desire.  The presets are not like other actions that just uses a bunch of adjustment layers. There is color math involved to twist the images color and contrast values and shift colors in places you hardly can without using multiple adjustment layers combined with selections.

Boutique Retouching ewr-rr-color-look-sample-header-4 RAVEN Dark Art <br>3D LUT <br>Color Grading Pack

How Do The RAVEN DARK ART Looks Work?

We advice using the Color Lookup Adjustment layer within Photoshop and load the color preset from the drop-down menu. Once selected, the fast loading LUT files go to work and you will be presented with the results shortly after. As Color Presets do not fit every image and may look different on different images, you can adjust the opacity slider of the layer for your needs. If you want to make further tweaks to the look, we recommend using a Curves Adjustment Layer underneath in order to shift brightness up or down. Usually, that is all needed to make the looks fit for your images and your style.

Boutique Retouching ewr-rr-color-look-sample-header-3 RAVEN Dark Art <br>3D LUT <br>Color Grading Pack

On What Type Of Images Do The Color Looks Work Best On?

We found the RAVEN DARK ART Look Presets work best on images shot flat. This comes in handy when doing compositing work, there shooting flat makes it easier to match different images and it will also be easier for the color presets to bind all the elements in your image together to a cohesive color theme. They also work nicely when shooting landscapes and having skies blown out. Some Presets will color and tone whites and very bright blues to popping cyan skies. Feel free to try the presets on any creative work: portraits, landscapes, compositing work,… We would love to see the results you can achieve with our Presets!

What Inspired Us To Create This Loock Pack


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