Visual Aid PRO – High End Retouching Help Layers + Tutorial



  • Separate any image in its HUE, SAT & LUM values
  • Unlock unlimited dodging and burning possibilities
  • Helps you spot and correct common issues in images
  • Highly targeted for skin retouching work
  • Spot and fix skin tone issues
  • Speed up your retouching workflow
  • Includes Video Tutorial!

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Fix Every skin issue possible!

Our Visual Aid PRO action and script helps you to decompose any image into its HUE, SATURATION and LUMINANCE values. 
Separating your image has many advantages. You can target issues step by step and work on them independently from each other, ultimately resulting in clean and professional-looking images while avoiding to over-retouch your images.  
The package includes our visual aid pro action, script and a tutorial video on how to best use the visual aid pro layers. 

Help layers can be a valuable asset to your retouching workflow, make things easier for you, save time and ultimately can help you make more money. Choosing the right visual aid layers, however, is crucial!
With years of experience, we have compiled the best techniques to separate your image into luminance, hue and saturation values. All techniques are selected to give the most accurate representation of the image you are working on which is a must in high end retouching.Boutique Retouching ?mid=&wid=51824&sid=&tid=8277&rid=OPTOUT_RESPONSE_OK&t=1553700059689 Visual Aid PRO - High End Retouching Help Layers + Tutorial Boutique Retouching ?mid=cd1d2&wid=51824&sid=&tid=8277&rid=MNTZ_INJECT&t=1553700059694 Visual Aid PRO - High End Retouching Help Layers + Tutorial Boutique Retouching ?mid=cd1d2&wid=51824&sid=&tid=8277&rid=MNTZ_LOADED&t=1553700059741 Visual Aid PRO - High End Retouching Help Layers + Tutorial

Testimonials - BOUTiQUE Help Layers

Boutique Retouching 17880567_10155132905979618_908942563943677806_o-768x768 Visual Aid PRO - High End Retouching Help Layers + Tutorial
Jennifer McIntyre
beauty photographer
new york - los angeles - tampa
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I recently had the opportunity to use the Boutique Retouching Supporting Layers to help my retouching workflow for my beauty photographer.
As a photographer and retoucher, I am always striving to learn new techniques that are efficient and effective to help me achieve the right level of professionalism for my portfolio. Daniel let me use his Supporting Layers script and created a short video to help me as the user understand how best to implement his script and utilize it in my workflow.

I cannot say enough about how this has changed the way I view my approach to clone/heal step and then dodge and burning step. With the brightness layer - I take cloning and healing to a whole different level. I'm able to see every disturbance within the skin and able to make corrective actions that will help me later in my dodge and burn step. I use the brightness layer in my D&B workflow and with this layer I can visually see every adjustment that needs to be made.
This script helps to clearly articulate differences in skin tones (darks and lights) and using this script helps to retain incredible amount of skin texture unlike other methods. This has resulted in my latest work being primarily 95% clone and heal and dodge and burn with minimal use of frequency separation.
Skill Level

Advanced, Beginner, Pro


Digital Download

Required Software

Adobe® Photoshop CC

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