SATisfy script
Automated Skintone Issue Fix + Tutorial


  • unique retouching technique
  • automated process
  • quick and fast fix for saturation issues
  • works with all Photoshop versions
  • “mask and go” ready
  • advanced selection tool for beginners and pros
  • Includes Video Tutorial!


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SATisfy Photoshop script is using elaborate automated processes that help you during your retouching workflow with creating pleasing skin tones by handling saturation levels. This automated process is unique and done by hand would take up to hours, a lot of practice, skill, and a trained eye. The script helps you to achieve professional results in seconds and without advanced knowledge of value selections.

How SATisfy Works

Run the script within Photoshop. After a few seconds, all the necessary layers and masks are created for you, ready to use.

The script and created mask come pre-adjusted and ready to mask in. However, to further separate the targeted oversaturated areas, please, alt-click on the mask and use levels on it to increase contrast.

Then simply mask out where the effect is too strong. The automated process makes it easy to find the exact saturation levels and matches the tones according to the values of the rest of the image.

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Advanced, Pro


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Adobe® Photoshop CC

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