Neon Beauty – Timlapse Speed Retouching Video Tutorial

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Join me in on my passion for beauty retouching. I am taking you on a retouching journey from start to finish with nothing censored or cut out.

Difficulty: Easy

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Retouching Passion Series – Part III


About Retouching

High-End Retouching is a craft which stems from the old days of manipulating prints in the darkroom and have been carried over into the digital ara. In fact, most of the techniques are still the same and the more high end the approach the simpler the tools become. Yet, it requires a trained eye and hand to carefully craft a digital image to perfection.

The Retouching Passion

Retouching beauty and skincare is a passion of mine. My goal is always to deliver very natural and realistic results which should look 100% believable. The retouching passion series proves the amount of work and the attention to detail going into the retouching work. I truly believe we are headed in the direction of “less is more” and clients demanding more realistic results.

Current trends have proven to lead into a future in which plastic skin on images is a no-go and I also firmly believe, we as an industry carry a huge responsibility for the changes we are making on images. But also, who will elevate our standards if not ourselves?

Yes, you probably can recognize the passion I have for retouching and also for teaching considered my choice of words.

On Retouching Series

We at Edgeworld Retouch have a true passion for our craft and would like you to invite you to learn and grow with us together. If we are not moving forward and getting better every day, one day we will have pushed ourselves out of relevance. This also counts for all retouchers working in this industry and have no public voice. All the tiny retouchers working so hard to make photographers work look the best it can be and often without receiving any credit for it.

Not only have I decided to publish this series to show off my skills but for the awareness about retouching, it might raise.

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