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Boutique Retouching Girl_3_before_and-after Blog / Learn

Learn From A High End Retoucher – Retouching Critique For Martin Beck

Welcome to our first retouching critique. The intention of us doing these critiques is to help others grow as retouchers and to advance their skills. While giving feedback on a person by person basis is very time-consuming we will publish critiques for others to also benefit from the content. So …

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Boutique Retouching color-of-the-year-2018 Blog / Learn

Color Trends – Pantone Ultra Violet – Color Of The Year 2018!

2018 is knocking at the door and it comes with new trends. Presenting the color of the year 2018 and how to make use of it in your every-day work.

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Boutique Retouching 21-trending-retouching-posts-on-social-media-header-without-text Blog / Learn

21 Trending Posts On Retouching | Trends In Retouching | What Works On Social Media

In today’s times of content creation madness, it is hard to cut through the sheer overwhelming amount of social media posts. We gathered some of the most interesting posts on retouching across the most important social media platforms…

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Boutique Retouching natural-makeup-nude-look-clean-red-lips-messy-hair-retouch-retouching-1 Blog / Learn

Full Beauty Time-Lapse Retouch Compressed Into 8 Minutes | Speed Retouching

In this time-lapse video, you can follow me retouching a beauty image from start to finish! Starting off with healing blemishes and stray hairs, going through the process of dodging and burning and finally do local and global color corrections, all within just 8 minutes.

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Boutique Retouching select-and-mask-2-1 Blog / Learn

Select Subject Feature Promises One-Click Masking | A New Photoshop CC 2018 Feature You Might Have Missed!

There is a new Magic Button in Photoshop. With a recent update, Adobe introduced the “Select Subject” Feature. Let’s discover this new tool, where you can find it and how it works…

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Boutique Retouching colorful-background_MkmGHODO Blog / Learn

Complete Guide To Monitor Calibration And Accurate Color – How To Calibrate Your Monitor

We sat down to write a full and in-depth article on calibrating your monitors. There is so much misinformation out there, leaving many people confused. We wanted to change that and guide you through the process and explain your options along the way.

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